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Περιγραφή Εργασίας

DescriptionThe top is one of οur primary goals and your superpower is the key. Are you ready for this? We need YOU.

Let’s get the game started!

Your Mission:

🎯 Determining the structure and design of web pages

🎯 Ensuring user experience determines design choices

🎯 Developing features to enhance the user experience

🎯 Striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design

🎯 Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones

🎯 Building reusable code for future use

🎯 Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability

🎯 Utilizing a variety of markup languages to write web pages

🎯 Maintaining brand consistency throughout the design

Your Armory:

⚔️ Degree in Computer Science or related field

⚔️ Understanding of key design principles

⚔️ Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery

⚔️ Experience with JavaScript Frontend Frameworks (Angular.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, Node.js)

⚔️ Understanding of server-side CSS

⚔️ Experience with graphic design applications such as Adobe Illustrator

⚔️ Experience with responsive and adaptive design

⚔️ Understanding of SEO principles

⚔️ Good problem-solving skills

⚔️ Excellent verbal communication skills

⚔️ Good interpersonal skills

Final Destination | PMM Team Planet:

🚀 Competitive compensation & benefits package

🚀 Dynamic work environment

🚀 Exciting opportunity to grow with the role

🚀 Great experience in a well-known and respected growing business

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The top is one of οur primary goals and your superpower is the key. Are you ready for this? We need YOU.
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