Night Auditor / Reception in Mykonos

  • Υπάλληλος Υποδοχής, Τουριστικά Επαγγέλματα

  • Εποχικη

  • 3 μήνες πριν

  • Μύκονος

Πληροφορίες Αγγελίας

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    Μισθός Euro 1200-1500 / Μηνιαία
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    Shift Βράδυ
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    Επίπεδο Εργασίας: Τουρισμος
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    Εργασιακή Εμπειρία : 2 χρόνια
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    Επαγγελματικά Προσόντα Πτυχίο Τουριστικής Σχολής

Περιγραφή Εργασίας

Night Auditor / Reception in Mykonos

Night Auditor / Reception in Mykonos

Requirements  Night Auditor / Reception in Mykonos

WORK Experience: 2 yrs

Salary 1200 -1500 euro

Night Auditor / Reception in Mykonos

The Casa del Mar Experience

The island of Mykonos. Her jagged edges and sun-drenched face appear to float on the azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The supernatural vision sets your mind to travel. So many adventures began in these waters. So many stories were inspired by the place you now stand… surely Odysseus was blown here by high winds? Perhaps he had a swim on the quiet beach below? An ancient map comes to life under your feet drawn on the sand. If you kick a stone you might turn up long lost treasure. You look out to sea and trace the ancient trade routes. Imagine wooden ships plying the waters carrying excellent wine and olive oil for delivery to distant ports. You catch the smell of perfumes and spices from throughout the Mediterranean. You see rare fabrics dyed in brilliant colours. You glimpse adventurers who travelled the whole world and, like you, stopped on this shore to take a rest. So much fame and fortune have passed through this place, and yet this precious little island far away from home welcomes you to her port with a celebration every night. Here in this place of mysterious beauty, brilliant sun, warm waters, and cool breezes – here you will find your private resort. We hope your journey is a long one.

Casa del Mar, a member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is an exclusive collection of private seaside villas on the secluded beach at Glifadi in Mykonos. The world-class property is located on the Aleomandra peninsula on the elite southwestern shore of the island and a short distance from the fashionable beaches at Kapari, Ornos, and Psarou. Casa del Mar is only 4 km from Mykonos town, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan destinations packed with restaurants and nightlife. We are ideally situated for honeymooners, globe-trotting families, and jet setters making a glamorous escape.

Quiet but connected, Casa del Mar is a premier location to experience the magic of Greece – a combination of tradition, service, and the iconic styling of the Cycladic islands. The architecture organically integrates our natural surroundings with a modern sensibility. The waters are always fresh and buoyant, the beaches immaculate, and your imagination will draw upon the incredible sky that is like nowhere else in the world.

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