Interamerican looking for a Data Engineer (med & senior level)

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    Αριθμός Κενών Θέσεων 2 θέσεις
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    Επίπεδο Εργασίας: IT
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    Εργασιακή Εμπειρία : 2 χρόνια
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    Επαγγελματικά Προσόντα Ανώτατη Μόρφωση (ΑΕΙ/ΤΕΙ)

Περιγραφή Εργασίας

Interamerican looking for a Data Engineer (med & senior level)

Interamerican looking for a Data Engineer (med & senior level)

Interamerican looking for a Data Engineer (med & senior level)

(Code: DE)

The Opportunity

Interamerican, a member of Achmea Group (NL insurance company) offers excellent career opportunities providing a challenging,
fast-growing and agile working environment, where you be able to familiarize yourselves with new ways of working.

We are currently seeking to employ two talented and highly motivated “Data Engineers” to join the Data & Analytics team,
supporting the data integration processes using the Microsoft stack.

The 2 roles (Medior and Senior) call for key players to all data integration processes creating the single storage point of

Interamerican’s data using data platforms like DW & SAP BW.

Major Accountabilities
  • He/she uses dimensional design to implement analytical structures following models such as star schema, data lakes and data marts and engage in negotiations regarding features with relevant stakeholders.
  • He/she performs data source screening and corrects or homogenizes data source data as needed to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the information being recorded.
  • He/she implements processes that migrate data by copying data from one or more sources into a destination system which represents the data differently from the sources or in a different context.
  • He/she defines scheduling requirements for recurring execution and engages in negotiations regarding performance requirements and constraints with relevant stakeholders.
  • He/she structures a relational database in accordance with a series of so-called normal forms.
  • He/she produces reports based on specified data, as well as applies different filters, parameters, and output formats to the results.
  • He/she monitors the conversion process to identify week points or improvement opportunities by using a wide range of techniques including query optimization, indexing, batching, and changing data capture.
  • He/she develops and shares knowledge in their own field with relevant internal stakeholders, for example by providing  training

BSc in Computing/ Mathematics or Engineering

Strong skills in data modelling and programming for SQL and No-SQL data

Solid understanding of the Insurance domain

Advanced knowledge of the English language

2-5 years of working experience with a focus in data modelling and processing

The company offers:

Competitive remuneration package

Group Medical Insurance and Pension scheme

Great career development opportunities, including working with new ways and applying agile principles and methodologies

Opportunities to also work with other platforms/data lakes (e.g., Hadoop)

If you wish to apply, please send your resume also stating the advert code HERE  (Code: DE)

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