EUROLIFE Athens looking for a Contact Center Agent 

  • Call Center Agent, Εκπρόσωπος Εξυπηρέτησης Πελατών

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    Επίπεδο Εργασίας: Customer Advisor
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    Εργασιακή Εμπειρία : Απαιτούμενη προϋπηρεσία

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EUROLIFE Athens looking for a Contact Center Agent 

EUROLIFE Athens looking for a Contact Center Agent

EUROLIFE Athens looking for a Contact Center Agent

Contact Center Agent



We are looking for a Contact Center Agent to join our Eurolife FFH team.

Role Responsibilities

As a Contact Center Agent, you will be responsible for:

  • Answer inbound and outbound calls in a timely and friendly manner
  • Manage the incoming chat
  • Identify customers needs, clarify information, provide solutions and manage complaints
  • Manage and process customers’ requests in collaboration with other departments
  • Collect lead for prospective/existing customers
  • Manage the emails and check of supporting documents

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • BSc degree
  • Previous experience in insurance industry/ customer support role/customer service or equivalent
  • Computer use competency (MS Office/ CRM system)
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language
  • Certification (level A) for the provision of insurance advisory services will be considered a plus
  • Strong communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Customer focus and adaptability to different personality types
  • Flexibility and adaptability in performing additional tasks where needed

What we offer

Our goal is to attract the best of the best and to ensure that our people enjoy their work environment. Thus, we offer our employees a variety of benefits:

  • The opportunity to work in a leading multinational insurance company with prominent positioning in the local market
  • A competitive compensation package relevant to qualifications
  • Health Insurance plan
  • Continuous training and development opportunities

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Αν αναζητάς έναν οργανισμό που προωθεί την ομαδικότητα και τη συνεργασία, αν θέλεις να κάνεις το επόμενο βήμα στην καριέρα σου σε ένα δυναμικό περιβάλλον που εξελίσσεται συνεχώς και εκτιμά την περιέργεια και τη διάθεση για νέες προκλήσεις, τότε ανυπομονούμε να δούμε το βιογραφικό σου!
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