COSTA NAVARINO Ανοικτές θέσεις εργασίας για τη τουριστική σεζόν 2022

COSTA NAVARINO Ανοικτές θέσεις εργασίας για τη τουριστική σεζόν 2022

COSTA NAVARINO Ανοικτές θέσεις εργασίας για τη τουριστική σεζόν 2022

Work with us


We consider our associates to be our most valuable asset and strongest competitive advantage. Respect lies at the heart of our philosophy, permeating and guiding our long-term HR strategies and day-to-day interactions. We strongly believe in each individual’s potential and particularly value innovation and enthusiasm. We take steps to enhance the engagement of our people through transparent, fair and human-centric practices. Our team members are the most passionate ambassadors of TEMES’ values and principles and the key to our success. Working at TEMES should essentially be a positive transforming experience, which enables us all to achieve our true potential.

HR Practices

All our HR practices are designed to promote continuous personal and professional growth for each of our associates. Transparent and fair recruitment, ongoing state-of-the-art training, personal coaching for development, as well as award and recognition programs are key to the way we continually nurture our team’s capabilities. Having received national and international awards for HR best practices, our Associates Engagement Program “CaNdo” and Associates Wellbeing Program “W@NT” are just two examples of TEMES’ efforts to create a motivating and rewarding work environment.

HR Mission

We are committed to helping our people grow, both professionally and personally, through clear goal setting, continuous coaching and open communication, while at the same time encouraging unlimited enhancement of skills and competencies. We inspire our people to set the perfect scene for Costa Navarino guests and offer them personalized, authentic, memorable hospitality experiences. While striving to safeguard transparency, fairness and respect throughout our organization, we aspire to cultivate a human-centric culture and build a winning team that thrives on the achievement of personal, team and company objectives.



We recommend that you read this privacy policy to ensure you are fully informed before proceeding with your application.

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